What are the Benefits of using an Infrared Sauna?

Infared Saunas are effective at a lower temperature level, creating a more comfortable experience. They have been studied for a variety of uses. A few medical/informative sites are linked below for your reference.


Many people can’t lose weight because of the toxins that are stored in the fat cells. A major benefit of using infrared saunas is detoxification {especially heavy metals}. This happens partly thru the skin which gets purified as toxins are released. Many have reported softer skin within the 1st week of use. Increased metabolism sparks many to use them to complement weight loss and reduce cellulite appearance

Autoimmune{AI} disorders seem ever on the rise as we are bombarded with toxins in our environment, topical and ingested products. By regular detoxing, those with AI disorders see decreases in symptoms as the body's toxic load is reduced, giving it a chance to fight back! 


Another major benefit is increased circulation, of great aid to diabetics and cardiac patients. The cell's energy increases because of the ideal micron wavelength that the undetectable light, tourmaline & jade used in our sauna activates. This has resulted in less fatigue for most and improved immune function. for those with autoimmune disorders seeing positive results.


Muscle and nervous systems are positively impacted with decreased inflammation, tension and joint stiffness and pain tolerance


Infared induces feelings of relaxation and can help the body deal with stress better. This stems from the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.



*For a full body spa day add Light therapy for a facial skin treatment, while your body detoxes, releases pain & revs up metabolism all while you snooze!

Dr Axe says: "Research shows heart-healthy, pain-reducing, life-extending benefits" with regular use of Infared Sauna treatments.