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A Detoxed Life

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I'm a wellness coach, with a background in nutrition. Instead of "fixing“ individual symptoms, holistic coaching considers your whole body & looks to address factors causing the symptoms naturally. I specialize in reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system and improving Gut Health. Your body already possesses the power to heal, with focused guidance, you'll know what to avoid, the path to follow. Plus, have positive accountability & mental clarity.

Let heal naturally & soothe your body back in harmony. Join one of our Waiting Lists and be one of the first to have the opportunity to experience our new platform! Our Healthy Meal Plans are Available Now. 1:1 Discovery Consult. *expected launch in January!

Tifanie Daniels, Licensed Massage Therapist & Wellness Coach

Program Options Crafted for Solutions 

Feel overwhelmed just thinking of balancing eating healthy? Does your schedule seem to leave no time for yourself, let alone meal planning?!

What if you had a month of meals with recipes, and meal prep all worked out for you? Complete with the shopping list to match?

No more excuses! It's Detox My Plate to the rescue! 

Vegetarian, Gluten & Dairy-free options available. 

There's a Clean Meal Plan ready to jump start your weightloss and improve your health. Click to learn more.

Do you feel consumed by Constipation, Bloating & Inflammation? We can put the fire out! Let me guide you through your Healing Journey. I am blessed to be an Advocate for healthier lifestyles; to simplify the path to solutions. Food will be the ointment for the flame in your gut. Put an end to feeling there's nothing you can do to help your plight. Let's cleanse & heal naturally in a systemized, way!

Do you have family history of cancer or Autoimmune disorders? Do you have areas of your body that are puffy or swell often? Or have Lipedema? There IS something you can do to fight back! Do you want to be proactive, and boost your body's defenses? Let me guide you to empowered health. I am passionate about women's health & I can't wait to share these natural protocols that will help ease the fear of helplessness & unnecessary discomfort. 

My Story

I am glad that you are taking steps towards vibrant health. It's my pleasure to be able to help guide you thru the clutter. Many times toxic habits, foods and negative thoughts can hinder our progress, prevent us from making positive changes, even hold us back from believing in our own strength. If you need someone in your cheering section, this is for you.

I enjoy helping others gain better balance, less stress and more enjoyment in life. My background is in holistic nutrition, massage therapy, education director, and wellness coaching. I am married, blessed with 2 beautiful children, and have navigated my career and life to a place I both enjoy and thrive in. There have been people, health difficulties and traumas to overcome. But they have been surmounted. 


My goal, is to enhance your life by making healthy change convenient. Simplify the confusion and go past survival, to thrive in your own skin. Positivity, community encouragement and healthful insights will guide you towards an enhanced YOU!

If you want to take charge of your health, release the excuses and be motivated towards positive change, my program's for you!

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