A Detoxed Life

Feeling Overwhelmed by Inflammation? Feeling Stuck Or Need an Advocate to Enforce Healthy Boundaries In Your Life? Let's Detox in a systemized, lower stress way!

As a wellness & life coach, I have a holistic approach. Instead of "fixing“ problems,  holistic coaching harnesses your current capabilities. You already possess the powers to succeed, you just need someone to point out how to use them. We’ll do this through positive coaching that encompasses emotions, mindset and behaviors.

If you feel this may smooth the rough edges of life, setup a Discovery Consult. *Dates available from January!

Tifanie Daniels, Licensed Massage Therapist & Wellness Coach

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My Story

I am glad that you are taking steps to ease the ride of life. It's my pleasure to be able to help guide you thru the messy, gray areas. Many times toxic habits, relationships and negative thoughts can hinder our progress, prevent us from loving ourselves, and even hold us back from believing in our own strength. If you need someone in your cheering section, (even if you aren't there yet) this may be a good fit for you.

I enjoy helping others gain better balance, less stress and more enjoyment in life. My background is in holistic wellness, massage therapy, education director, and wellness coaching. I am married, blessed with 2 beautiful children, and have navigated my career and life to a place I both enjoy and thrive in. There have been people, health difficulties and traumas to overcome. But they have been surmounted. 


What my goal thru coaching, is to enhance your true self. Allow you to simplify the chaos and go past survival, but thrive in your environment, or have the strength to change it when it's the better option. Positivity, encouragement and healthful insights will guide you towards an enhanced YOU!

If you want to take charge of your life, release the stressors and be motivated towards positive change, this is a program for you!

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