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First Massage

What Type of Massage is Right for You?

Learn about major types of massage & how you can benefit

A massage is a time for relaxation and the release of stress and pain. However, those who are having a massage for the first time may experience some concern and nervousness if they do not know what to expect. While massages may be used for a variety of reasons, many of the steps in the process remain the same. First, the timing of the massage should be considered carefully. It should be at a time of day when the individual can devote an extended period of time to it. Time will be required before and after the massage for a small amount of paperwork as well as for discussion and relaxation. The massage therapist will request some basic health history and will ask questions regarding the area to be massaged. During the massage, the masseuse will always retain a spirit of professionalism and privacy. There is no need to be nervous or embarrassed about one's body image. The therapist will never be judgmental nor will they make unnecessary comments about the body. Private areas of the body will remain covered at all times. The environment will be soothing and will often have low lighting, soft music and aromatic scents to aid in the full body experience. Professional massage therapists are trained to provide the best possible experience at Beyond Relief Massage. Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling 334-521-0525. A Beyond Relief massage is sure to provide relaxation and relief of pain.

Deep Tissue
Hot Stone

It's a form of physical therapy and a relaxation technique that promotes bodily and spiritual healing. Therapeutic massage is beneficial to everyone in many different ways. Relieve Anxiety and Depression People who are depressed often have anxiety problems. They face simple events, that are not worrisome to most people, with unnecessary amounts of fear, restlessness, or pessimism. They are in a constant cycle of uncontrollable emotions that seem to have no end. Although therapeutic massage cannot get rid of a severe mental disorder, it relieves the symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, nausea, and low energy. Going to a day spa helps people to get out of the house and interact in ways that make them less anxious or depressed. Improve Sleep and Relaxation Set aside the time to rest peacefully and get enough sleep during the night. Knowing when and how to relax are important tasks to do every day. Massaging is included as one of the most effective daily relaxation techniques that relieve stress. Stress is known as the number-one cause of insomnia and anxiety. This therapy includes the use of scented oils, lotions, and relaxing music to lighten the atmosphere. Treat Muscle Tension A massage is a form of physical therapy that treats muscular injuries and disorders. Massage therapy can be used to relieve muscle tension that results from a slip and fall, a car crash, or another type of accident. After only a few massages, people have noticed significant reductions in pain and inflammation. A therapeutic massage has been practiced as far back as ancient civilization times. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Middle Easterners have all benefited from the soothing therapy of massage. However, people must work with a licensed massage therapist to receive the best benefits of massage therapy.

Deep tissue massage consists of slow, strong massage that stimulates deep into muscles. This can be especially helpful for athletes who expose their muscles to daily, intensive conditioning. Deep tissue massage will noticeably loosen muscles, elevate pain, and increase mobility - all significant benefits for an athlete. However, you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of deep tissue massage. In many cases, a deep tissue massage has replaced the classic Swedish massage in terms of frequency of use. Visitors to a spa in the past may have sought out a massage for relaxation. Now those same visitors are seeking a massage that also stimulates, conditions, and heals. Those suffering from certain conditions may also find deep tissue massage to be quite therapeutic. Sufferers of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, edema, muscle cramping, and even carpal tunnel syndrome may find significant relief from deep tissue massage. The pressure exerted on different groups of muscle tissue stimulates circulation in areas of pain. Deep tissue massage, however, is not for everyone. There can be mild to moderate discomfort during the massage as tight muscles are worked. And there can be a day or two of soreness following the deep tissue massage. But if you are comfortable with a stronger, more focused massage that will loosen tight muscles, then a deep tissue massage may be for you.

Women who are pregnant may benefit from prenatal massage therapy. Prenatal massage can help lower your stress levels, reduce any aches and pains you may be feeling, make you less anxious and depressed, lower the amount of swelling you experience, improve your circulation and help you sleep better. Women who regularly get massages during pregnancy may even have better labor outcomes and healthier babies. When looking for a massage therapist, choose one who is certified in prenatal massage, as not all massage programs provide enough training in this area. The best type of massage for pregnant women is Swedish massage, since this type of tissue manipulation best helps with the issues commonly found in pregnancy. Prenatal massage is safest when done with the pregnant woman lying on her side. Before signing up for a massage, check with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you. Women who have high risk pregnancies, prenatal hypertension, preeclampsia or a previous preterm birth may be better off avoiding prenatal massage. If experiencing severe swelling, a lymphatic massage will be most helpful. Advise your massage therapist if you have been having Braxton Hicks contractions, as she should avoid massaging certain pressure points if this is the case to help limit the risk for bringing on preterm labor.

Hot stone massage combines traditional massage therapy with the use of flat smooth stones that are warmed and placed on various parts of the body. Therapists may also hold the stones and massage parts of the body with the stone. Typically, the stones that are used are river rocks because they are exceptionally smooth and are made of basalt. Basalt is enriched with iron which helps them retain heat. Before the therapist uses the rocks, they will sanitize them in water. Afterwards, they will be heated in water prior to the session. The rocks are placed on the client's back, palms, legs, hands and feet. This is a very beneficial therapeutic experience because it helps heal people physically and psychologically. One of the greatest benefits of this type of massage is that heated stones relax the muscles. When the muscles are relaxed, deeper pressure can be applied to the body. Heated stones also help improve circulation. The stones are used to work out tension and sometimes placed on the body for a short period of time. This allows the heat to penetrate the skin and open up the blood vessels which helps improve circulation. Hot stone massage also helps alleviate pain due to stiff joints or injury. In addition, it helps ease back pain, backaches, and pain due to arthritis, anxiety, stress, tension, sleeplessness and depression. It is a very relaxing and calming massage therapy. Typically, a session lasts from an hour to an hour and a half.

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