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What is Vibrational Sound Therapy?

There are a wide range of benefits from using sound therapy that can include: reduced anxiety, relief from chronic Joint pain, insomnia, lethargy, nervous system & mental disorders to name just a few.  Sound therapy is not a cure, but it can lead a person down the road to healing themselves. Clients are sent home with their central nervous system more balanced & grounded with nature as humans are intended. Those with autism, ADHD PTSD, panic attacks & general anxiety disorders can benefit from the balancing of the CNS as the sound vibrations at ideal Hertz enter the body.

Each sound therapy sessions lasts between 30-60 minutes.  The session is performed with the client fully dressed though it is suggested that the client wear comfortable clothing.  Clients are asked to remove any jewelry or metal as metals are known to block or interfere with the flow of sound/vibration.

Book a session today and experience an hour of being calm and peaceful.  Although each person is different and has different needs, the affects of the session will last for 24-72 hours.  Longer if clients follow the suggestions of the therapist to continue the healing process.

Sound therapy is a term that encompasses a wide range of modalities. We are constantly exposed to a wide variety of sound throughout our every day lives.  Not all of it is conducive to our good health. Think sirens, screaming children, dogs barking, motorcycles, or even things such as fans or computers.  Sound has even been used as a weapon as is evidenced by the current news over in Cuba of diplomats becoming ill and some even showing signs of traumatic brain injuries simply by being exposed to sound.  Because of all the sounds we are bombarded with daily, our sympathetic nervous system can tend to keep us in a “fight or flight” mode causing adrenal fatigue. This can make us feel tired, have headaches, be nauseous or affect our appetite and sleep patterns for reasons we can’t quite figure out.

Everything within the universe has a sound or a resonance that is all its own.  This includes the cells of the human body.


The purpose of a sound therapy session using tuning forks is to bring our bodies and our cells back into a harmonious resonance and to even out the daily war of sound pollution. A sound therapy session involves using several tuning forks at different hertz causing our bodies organs and cells to come back into the harmonic resonance that they are supposed to be in.  Sound therapy will also affect our brain wave lengths taking the brain from a hyper mode to a state of calm and peacefulness.

Nitrous Oxide, helps stimulate relaxation & appears to be released in the presence of certain music and sounds. According to Beaulieu, nitric oxide is not only an immune, vascular, and neural signaling molecule, it is also "antibacterial, antiviral, and it down-regulates endothelial and immunocyte activation and adherence, thus performing vital physiological activities including vasodilation" (Salamon et al. 2003). So sound therapy can increase immune function, circulation and brain activity; making it beneficial for stroke survivors!

AUTISM STUDY: Lower frequency waves, in the range of 30-100 Hz are generally used, and sessions can last from 10-45 minutes (Boyd-Brewer, 2004). This technology originated in Sweden in the 1970s and now has grown to be used worldwide in settings from hospitals to spas. Numerous studies have been conducted on this technology and have demonstrated that it is beneficial for a wide range of ailments, from pain and anxiety reduction to reducing problem behavior in autistic adults and children. One study found that negative stereotypical behavior was reduced upwards of 40% in autistic adults (Boyd-Brewer 2003).

ACUPUNCTURE Alternative- Best known tuning fork practice is called Acutonics, developed by an acupuncturist, that uses vibrating weighted tuning forks on acupuncture points. It works on the same premise as acupuncture – that stimulation of these particular areas unblocks stuck or stagnant energy, improving energy flow through the body and supporting the body in healing itself. 


Beyond Relief is excited to offer Vibrational Sound Therapy. Tifanie received individual training in this innovative therapy to share with clients how sound affects our health & well-being. She hopes to demonstrate to the community how this technique can balance nervous system, anxiety, emotional and mental health


Some clients with panic attacks, insomnia MS or other conditions have reported amazing results!!

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