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Our Fab Face & Skincare Lineup


Light Therapy  $20-45 

This can be a stand alone treatment or added to a Facial Massage or Body Massage Session for further benefits to your skin. Please visit our Heliotherapy page for details on all options & uses for these treatments.

Each service below is 30minutes with exception of Facial Heaven:

Facial Cupping   $45

Try our 30min revitalizing session featuring Facial Cupping. This treatment Boosts Collagen, Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles by Safely and Effectively Plumping Up Skin Tissue. It improves Blood Supply to the Skin Surface to Increase its Suppleness. Providing a massage to facial tissue which increases Collagen and Elastin, Shrinks Pores, and over time Softens Scars.

Facial Heaven Facial cupping adding 20min of Light Therapy with Serum & Infrared Sauna Together to your Facial Treatment for only $70

On the Go Facial Therapy  $50

This is a nice refresher that includes cleansing the skin, facial massage, Hot Steamy Towels & Collagen Moisturizer followed by Light Therapy to enhance absorption that will leave your skin feeling and looking revitalized. 

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage  $49-69

Try our 30 or 45min treatment using warmed Himalayan stones to infuse their 84 minerals into your skin. Restores nourishment to the skin's natural pH alkalinity. Their negative ions can also help detox your skin, reduce breakouts of many types when these vital minerals are replenished. Can be exfoliating & soothing treatment. 

30min- Face, neck/shoulders                           45min- Body treatment

Facial Massage  $45

Stimulating the face muscles with regular massage helps bring in oxygen—which is naturally anti aging to skin. Enriched moisturizers & hot towels enhance absorption & relaxation. Includes scalp, neck & shoulder massage.

Full Body Dry Brushing  $25-39

Stimulates- digestive & lymphatic flow, invigorates whole body

Exfoliates- dead skin cells

Tonify- strengthens immune system and vitality

Take home brushes may be available upon request!

Foot Scrub & Massage  $49

This is a relaxing treatment that includes a foot scrub, foot & lower leg massage, Hot Towels & invigorating moisturizer with botanicals that leave your feet feeling refreshed & ready for the next thousand miles!

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