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How to Prepare for
Wood Therapy & Contouring?


Body Contouring usually requires at least 2 modalities during a single session, once or twice a week depending on individual goals for best results.

Body Contouring Treatments:


*Wood Therapy

*Vacuum Therapy

*Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

 *Red Light Therapy [skin tightening]

Following your body sculpting treatment, it is important that you take note of the following: 

  • Increase daily water intake

  • Cut out alcohol, fatty foods, refined and processed sugars

  • Nutritional consult can be added to help you fit changes into your lifestyle to capitalize on the weight loss opportunity.

  • Urination and bowel movement may increase as a result of your metabolism being stimulated by the body contouring treatment as part of the detox process to eliminate the fat

  • Results can be last longer when guidelines are met and maintained.



Before Treatment


  • Heavy meals in the 2-4 hours before and after each treatment as this may confuse the body about what fat to metabolize.

  • Fasting before treatment –body will go into starvation mode and the fat may become more resistant to treatment.

  • Coffee, tea, or carbonated beverages prior to a treatment as these may cause bloating. GOOD hydration provides a healthy lymphatic system.

Treatment around time of menstruation may impact measurements because of bloating

After Treatment

Exercise to metabolize released “fatty” material as energy source within 3 hours of treatment. Goal should be at least 300-400 calories aerobically. Consume ½ body weight in ounces daily of water.

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