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Why Dynamic Body Stretching?

Why is stretching so important?


We lose 10% of our range of motion for every 10 years we age. Many factors affect flexibility such as; age, dehydration, adhesions, tension, gender, hormones, lack of strength and coordination, inflammation, pain, training, postural misalignment, and more.


How should I be stretching?  


All tissues and muscles should be warmed up before they are stretched. To achieve a maximum stretch, you must elongate a muscle by moving the joint away from the insertion. Real gains in flexibility will occur when you train on a regular basis and should be balanced with strength to be fully functional.  Using a combination of stretching techniques (static, PNF, assisted, dynamic,) is necessary for optimal ROM.


How does stretching benefit me?


Below are some benefits of proper stretching:

– Reduce the risk of injury, especially strains and sprains.

– Reduce or eliminate back problems and pain

– Develop body awareness

– Enhance physical fitness levels

– Reduce muscular soreness

– Reduce muscular tension

– Increase balance and symmetry of the body

– Improve posture  


Beyond Relief is excited to be offering Dynamic Body Stretching. Tifanie is a certified Dynamic Stretch Therapist, having completed training in Tampa, FL. She hopes to aid in alleviating chronic pain & increase your mobility with these techniques.

Our other therapists also offer stretching as an add-on service to your massage therapy!

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