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Angela L.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Sooo glad to find this place. Tifanie answered more questions than my surgeon about my recovery!! With each session I feel & move so much better. Can even feel fluid moving, Highly recommend


Ilisha C.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Tifanie is the BEST. These are the REAL lymphatic massages. I feel 200% better afterwards. She is awesome! I am 100% confident she will have my body healing miraculously! 


Vanessa R.H.

Therapeutic Massage

Tifanie was amazing! That was the BEST massage I've had since I've been in Dothan! I will certainly return next month!


Jarmin G.

Deluxe Couples Masssage

I loved absolutely everything. The massage, the setting, the music, the aura in the room, everything was amazing. Not only was my body relaxed (I dozed off multiple times), but my mind was put at ease and that's very difficult to do. I will definitely be back.


Dolores P.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Appreciate the knowledge & experience Tifanie is willing to share with her clients... Info that is important to recovery. Feeling after only one treatment to be relieved of edema due to lymph node removal!


Amber R.

Couples Masssage

Beyond Relief Massage is definitely the best name for this place! We did a couples massage and they were so professional and did an amazing job! Going back next week for my 1st facial!


Nakeshia S.

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

The experience was exceptional. I felt very comfortable during the massage. Ms. Tifanie was very professional as well as “down to earth.”


Christina Bowen

TMJ / Sinus Massage

I have been coming into Beyond Relief Massage for a while now. I have chronic pains, the people at Beyond Relief Massage take the time to think about your treatment as an individualized experience. I have TMJD and this was the first place I have received a TMJ massage! Not only was the massage great but I was able to learn what I can do at home.

After each appointment I am always asked --" Do you have any questions for me", what a great opportunity to go beyond the relief of one session and take home some knowledge. 

Great people, good prices & beyond relief massages! Come by & check them out!

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Adam S.

Swedish Massage

Chris was great! She got all my stress and aches out! I will definitely be coming back!


Vivian R.

Therapeutic Massage

Tifanie gives a wonderful, relaxing massage!! Enjoy it every time!! Go home feeling very relaxed!!!


Chris M.

Deep Tissue Massage

Tasha was very professional. She was waiting for me when I entered and helped relieve my painful areas.

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