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BEYOND RELIEF MASSAGE has plenty of options available whether you are seeking relaxation from stress, or need pain and tension relief there is an option for you. Each treatment is customized for you. Gift Certificates are available.
MOST of our Massages have the following rates
[exceptions are noted]:
Therapeutic Massage

A massage that is relaxing and provides deeper massage in selected areas of the body per the clients request. It's our most popular option! Have tight shoulders, low back or hamstrings but still want a relaxing flow? This is the massage option for you!

Swedish Relaxation Massage

A Swedish massage involves rubbing the clients body using a variety of strokes including: long flowing & kneading strokes. Friction is used to generate heat and bring blood to the surface. The aim of a Swedish

massage is to relax the tissues of the body, relieve stress and improve circulation.

Deep Tissue/Integrative Massage
60 min - $89  90 min - $120

A massage that reaches structures beneath superficial fascia to relieve chronic muscle tension or injuries. It applies greater pressure across the grain

of muscles, and targets each area appropriately.

Integrative uses a variety of techniques from many training methods to provide the best approach for your body each time.

Hot/Cold Stone Massage
60 min - $90  90 min - $120

Beyond Relief incorporates stones & oils into muscles not just laid on the skin. With natural properties & relaxing warmth of Basalt Stones to assist in further releasing tension,allowing deeper release & penetration. 

Cold & Hot Stones can be used to force a flushing to occur & facilitate deep healing in a target area, or cool stones can be use as a facial treatment for congestion/detoxing.

Lymphatic Drainage [MLD]
60 min - $80  90 min - $115

Lymphatic detoxifies & regenerates tissue. Used post surgical (mastectomy, liposuction) with weight loss programs & improves immunity. Great for menstrual issues, edema or those lacking regular activity.

Sinus or TMJ Massage

This treatment is a great for those with migraines or sinus pressure, neck pain/ injury & those who enjoy facials! The focus will be targeting specific pressure points along the facial, jaw & rear scalp regions along with any other problem areas that need addressing.

Couples Massage (60min or 90min)
Therapeutic $165 or $245     
Romantic $179 or $259
Hot Stone $185 or $265
Lover's Deluxe - $205 or $285

These sessions have both clients in one room simultaneously receiving relaxation massage. Therapeutic is a relaxing & pain relieving massage for 2. Romantic option adds chocolates, candles & aromatherapy 

ambiance. Deluxe goes further with heavenly hot stones, essential oils & a bubbly beverage. You must CALL to schedule these because coordination of multiple therapists' schedules is required.

Revitalizing Facial Massage
(30 min)​
Facial Massage- $49
Facial Cupping- $49

Stimulating the face muscles with regular massage helps bring in oxygen—which is naturally anti aging to skin. Enriched moisturizers & hot towels enhance absorption & relaxation. Includes scalp, neck & shoulder massage. Facial cupping increases collagen, elastin, reduces scar and wrinkle appearance as well as adding a glow to your complexion.

Prenatal Massage (pregnancy)​  

These sessions can help the postural changes the body undergoes cause less discomfort & allow the body to be more aligned & open for the delivery. It can also pamper mom before & after delivery. Benefits include:

  • Reduced back pain, joint pain, swelling, muscle tension, headaches, stress and anxiety

  • Improved sleep, circulation, oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles.


Certified Dynamic Stretching 
30 min - $39     45min $55

Done clothed & used to increase flexibility, relieve pain, tightness, and increase athletic performance.  Performed on a table with comfortable straps for stabilization. Tifanie is a certified DBS therapist, with  training completed in FL. The traction & movements target multiple angles to release, relax, and stretch body tissues.

Vibrational Sound/ Chakra Balancing
Add Chakra Balancing to Massage $20
Chakra & Joint Vibrational Session
30-60 min - $40-75

This will relax your mind & body on a elevated level of awareness. Calm nerves, mental-emotional agitation & improve sleep. If you enjoy meditation, yoga or other calming & soothing practices, you may want to schedule a session soon! 

Ionic Foot Detox
​30 min Treatment $30
Add (15min) Neck Arm & 
Shoulder Massage +$20

Ionic foot detox creates an ionic field that cleanses and purifies the body. The ionized molecules are said to attract and neutralize toxins and heavy metals of the opposite charge. It can increase circulation, clean the skin, and relieve aches and pains. Sound Therapy can be incorporated to calm hyperactive nervous systems.

Dry Skin Brushing 
30 min Treatment $39

Exfoliates- removes dead skin cells

Stimulates- digestion, lymphatic & blood flow

Tonify- Strengthens immune system & vitality

Softens skin; can help tighten & smooth skin.

Begins with opening all major lymphatic sites & Finishes with hot towels & essential oil moisturizers for enhanced skin health.


This is a great option for trigger points, sports injuries & pain from muscle tension! This targets specific areas or regions that are tense & releases stagnant fluids, bringing them towards the skin resulting in temporary reddening of the skin. These typically fade in a few days.

Infrared Sauna
20-40min $20-40
4 pack {save $5} 8pk {save $10}
Add Facial Light Therapy +$20

Detox and reduce inflammation while dozing off to a state of relaxation.

With the bonus of burning calories and reducing pain levels, it's not a surprise Infrared Saunas are popular. Our dome includes jade & tourmaline for added cellular benefits. Add a facial boost with light therapy

Regenerating Light Therapy 
Add to Masssage +$20 {15min}     
a la cart Light Treatment $45 {30min} 
Great addition to Skincare regimes 
         Click for detailed benefits

Light therapy stimulates the skin to regenerate new skin cells, increases blood circulation, collagen production, and improves skin healing. Repair sun damage, reduce signs of aging, and treat rosacea.

Click above to learn benefits from various color wavelengths & you can decide which suits your needs. Try it solo or add to your massage!

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils
Add to Therapy $7 - $14
Take home Custom Blends
available upon request
botanical cream.jpg

Add 100% pure essential oils to your massage on the skin or diffused for a soothing aroma that can improve your mental & physical well-being. If you would like to apply both, let your therapist know.

Holistic Wellness to Thrive!
Discovery Consult - $45 
3, 6 & 12 month Plans 
{ In-office or Virtual Visits }

Discover how you can beat burnout, fight fatigue, revitalize your mind & body thru

natural paths that empower you to take control of your life. Meet goals in a way that fits into your routine. Then strategize to blast thru to elevated levels of vitality!

Abdominal/Pelvic(hip) Massage
30min - $45

This session can address bloating, constipation,  pain and other symptoms of scarring, or tight, contracted musculature in the hip/pelvic & abdominal areas. This can assist women after giving birth or who have cycle & bladder issues also. Expect light to moderate pressure in the ab region and stretching  to open this area & help breathe fully & correctly (diaphragm) to rejuvenate your cells. Creating torso space & balance hips.

Chair Massage
In-Office         25 min - $35
Corporate Events  10-15min/person
Group Rates Vary    

We offer chair massage in our office for busy professionals that need quick relief & relaxation. We come to YOUR OFFICE or EVENT for groups; if you want to aid employee Wellness Programs or add some pampering to a seminar. CONTACT US!!

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